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Newyorker - Empire In Decline

發表 由 Admin 于 周四 4月 01, 2010 9:27 pm

Been 5 years, I still vividly remember the discussion YST and I have about his article 美元正面臨崩潰邊緣嗎? At the time I were going to write a follow-up analysis about the outlook on the value of the US dollar. Due to a series of event in my personal life at the time, the article been put off and never written.

What I want to say at the time is, the decline is inevitable, the 4 pillars that uphold the dollar value are eroding, with the ongoing failure of Middle East campaign, became a continuous drain on valuable resources that otherwise should be use as funding for project that drive the next technological innovation! With Bush presidency divide the country into 2 camps, between the Blue Liberal and Red Conservative states in a self-serving partisanship driven by ones own ambition not the well being of the country, subsequently turn top tier of the legislature branch into a constant gridlock. But the worst erosion come from Americas Core Value!

Since the end of the cold war, lack of a real outside threat and challenge. American have turn its back on its Core Value: a can do attitude, with a drive to do better into a state of complacency.

I have travel for work extensively across America between 2001-2005 to 40 out of 50 states, what I saw troubled me.

American once a proud people who value hard work and have the longest work hours in the developed world. Instead I saw a private sector with an aging work force bogged down by rigid rules, lazy bureaucrats and indifferent working class. I visited Detroit in 2002 what shock me the most are not the countless communities with board up houses, remnant of once prosperous working class neighborhoods. But not within 8 miles or 10min drive of those slum and ghetto, you will find Grosse Pointe, MI a neighborhood, with gated private community full of beautiful mansions each one with its own private tennis court and swimming pool. And guess who can afford to live there? Mostly White executives from the big 3 American Motor Company GM, Ford & Chrysler!

It is no surprise to me, when all 3 major motor company were at the brink of bankruptcy in 2008. Those 3 companies are run by a class of elite, who are so insulate themselves from the reality which they live in, and total disregard of the condition of their neighbor many of whom former company employees, surely when they drive to work everyday they can all see countless board up factories & houses lined beside the highway. Yet none of them did anything to help the working class or their surrounding neighborhoods. How can you expect them to understand what the average Americans need.

American turn from one of the most productive country per capita, to a country of obese and fat people. I been to some of the fattest states, mostly in the America south, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana and Georgia. A combination of poverty and obesity, ironically is an uniquely American phenomenon unheard of in any other country. Without looking at the statistic data I'm certain the rate of average body weight gain and the decline of productivity in the last 2 two decade are on a parallel track.

American once value a honest living, become a country of people who think manual labor is beneath them, when manual labor is needed, American import labor from developing countries, to the point they're helpless without them. But why stop there, when more manufacture labor is needed why do it yourself, when is more profitable to let other to do it for you, so the jobs get sub-contact to the lowest bidder in other countries. In the process by doing so, many important and valuable skill set are lost.

American once value education and intellect, elected a C average President, who think no child should left behind if he or she couldn't make the grade, teacher are pressure to do whatever it take to let the kid pass on to the next grade. Without high expectation, and consequence, there is no incentive to do better. At a higher education level with the bloom of financial industry and housing market, students with the best and brightest mind have no incentive to choose to study engineering or science degree. Instead they choose the more lucrative business school, learning about far fetch business model and short term profit as a fast track to mid level management jobs in corporate America, without the need ever spending a day working side by side with the poor grunt who does the actual work. That system, bred a disconnect between the leadership and the work force!

The same President at the aftermath of 9-11, his message to the nation, is in order to show the terrorist, American won't be beaten or terrorize is go by your business as normal and his economic recovery plan is tell everyone to go out and shop. Shopping became the great American pass time. Excess consumption became not only socially acceptance but a matter of birth right. A new consumption culture emphasis on instant gratification by spending base on debt replace old and true values.

America economic problem lies within the simple fact, ----American consume more than they produce!---- With abundant, America society turn into a society of self-righteous, individual who lost sight of the keys to competitiveness in today's fierce global market.

The complacency American took for granted are shatter in late 2008 financial meltdown, and the total incompetency display through out US government and corporate ranks that follows.

The Fiasco literally pull down the curtain and expose the powerful Wizard of Oz behind it, turn out there is no powerful magic but a common man like you and I, all is done with trickery and illusion!

What this financial catastrophe bring about is FEAR, mention in 2009, President Obama in his inauguration speech:

"These are the indicators of crisis, subject to data and statistics. Less measurable but no less profound is a sapping of confidence across our land -- a nagging fear that America's decline is inevitable, and that the next generation must lower its sights. Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America: They will be met."

The question is: America, How much are you willing to sacrifices to meet these challenges?


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發表 由 Admin 于 周四 4月 01, 2010 9:27 pm






美國人曾是一個驕傲于辛苦工作的民族,并且曾在所有發達國家中工作時間最長。但相反的,我看到了一個充斥老齡化員工的私營機構,深陷於教條規則、懶惰官僚和冷漠勞工造成的停滯。我曾于2002年訪問底特律,最令我震驚的不是那數不清的一度繁榮的工人階級社區,現在都用木板封住了房子;而是那些距離貧民窟窮人區不到8英里或說不到10分鐘車程之外,你就能到達Grosse Pointe地區,一個封閉的私人社區,到處都是華屋廣廈,每一棟房子都有自己的私人網球場和游泳池。猜一猜誰住在這裡?大多是美國三大汽車公司通用、福特和克萊斯勒的白色(白領?/白人?)高管們!即使2008年時三大汽車已經處於破產邊緣,這樣的情景也並不讓我吃驚。




美國人不再尊重教育和理性,選出了一個平均成績C的總統,他覺得任何孩子都不應該被拋下,即使確實達不到升級要求;教師們迫於壓力想盡辦法讓孩子們混過考試升到下一年級。沒有了高要求,後果就是失去了進步的動力。在高等教育層面,由於金融產業和房地產市場的繁榮,頭腦最聰明素質最好的學生缺乏學習工程和科技類學位的動機。相反的,他們選擇更能賺錢的商學院,學習狡詐的商業模式和短期利潤,當做他們升任美國企業管理層的快速軌道。(精英們)根本不需要 ----哪怕一天----與那些實際幹活的窮人共事。這個系統孳生出了領導層與勞工之間的脫節!





金融危機帶來的是恐懼,奧巴馬總統2009年在其就職演說中提到過:“從統計數據來看,已經有危機的徵兆,更難測量但更嚴重的是,對我們國家信心的動搖 ---- 一種揮之不去的恐懼,擔心美國的衰落無法避免,下一代人必須降低他們的期望。今天我要對你們說我們面臨的挑戰是真實的,嚴峻而眾多。它們不會被輕易地擊敗,也不會是一時之痛。但是美國人民,請明白這一點:定將戰勝挑戰”



文章數 : 15019
注冊日期 : 2009-07-11


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